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Crab Statue

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Krung Kep Blue Swimmer Crab Statue, Krong Kaeb, Cambodia, Kep

Kep is synonymous with crab, so it is only fitting that  it has a giant statue paying tribute to the crustacean. It should come as no surprise then that the Kep Crab Statue is a local landmark that depicts a blue swimmer crab.

Cambodians flock from far and wide to devour this local delicacy that can be found in abundance at the crab market down the road. It’s hard to miss the crab statue. If you continue on the road past Kep Beach you will pass by the crab statue standing proudly in the sea.

Nothing quite says “Kep” like crab, so it is a popular spot for taking selfies. Join in the action, pull over and start snapping.

Let the adventure begin.