Kampong Trach Mountain

Kampong Trach Mountain

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Kampong Trach Mountain, 135, Cambodia, Kampot

Kampong Trach Mountain is a unique limestone mountain with caves and an open central area allowing light to flood the interior. The caves contain shrines to various deities. Kampong Trach Mountain’s cave tunnels and central area are perfect for exploring, and come complete with a tranquil atmosphere.

Back outside on the northern edge of the mountain is the “Swimming Cave”, a natural swimming hole in the cave. Rainwater drips through the mountain and fills a large underground pool. Protected from evaporation and filtered through limestone rocks, the water is clean and clear year-round. The water level depends on the season but there should always be enough in the pool to cool off even in the hottest and driest months. A very unique experience not to be missed if you enjoy taking a dip in natural environments.

Kampong Trach Mountain is located 38km east of Kampot town, past Kep province, so it will take around an hour or more to get there depending on your mode of transport. It is also a good day trip from Kep.

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