Kep Crab Market

Kep Crab Market

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Crab Market, Krong Kaeb, Kep, Cambodia, Kep

Kep is widely known for its peaceful surroundings and beach. However, if you are staying in the Cambodian coastal resort or even travelling there from neighbouring Kampot, you really should pay a visit to Kep crab market.

Fishermen go out at night to catch crabs, which are then brought back in the morning to be flogged at the market. One of the attractions of visiting the crab market is to see local women arriving to purchase them. You can even buy some yourself. There is nothing fresher. The crab market is a bustling environment alive with merchants selling all kinds of freshly-caught seafood.

Kep Crab Market
Keeping the catch fresh at Kep Crab Market

Eating at Kep Crab Market

Next to the market is a parade of small eateries that overhang the sea. In addition to crab, you can eat squid, fish and prawns with the waves lapping at the platform beneath your feet.

We recommend that you try the crab cooked with local Kampot pepper. It really is a combination that works a treat.

Where is Kep Crab Market?

The market is located close to luxury and sustainable Cambodian resort Knai Bang Chatt and its adjoining Sailing Club run by the same owners, who have invested heavily in the local area. It is just outside of Kep town, a stroll along the promenade from Kep beach.

Nearby Attractions

Kep is one of the most laid-back seaside resort towns in Southeast Asia. It might have livened up since the advent of 24/7 electricity, but this is certainly a place to chill. It is also close to both the charming riverside town of Kampot and the Vietnamese border, making Kep either the ideal first or last stop in your travels through Cambodia. You can also explore some of the old buildings, and examine some of the damage caused in the Khmer Rouge civil war.

Let the adventure begin.