Phnom Kbal Romeas

Phnom Kbal Romeas

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Phnom Kbal Romeas, Tuek Chhou, Cambodia, Kampot

One of many limestone karst mountains that dot the Kampot landscape, Phnom Kbal Romeas has an interior area waiting to be explored. The mountain contains a small shrine and comes complete with the eerie atmosphere expected from a cave – assisted by the noises of insects echoing throughout the chamber. The mountain and caves are a prehistoric site and have been left in their natural state.

The cave was completely deserted when visiting in 2021, but reportedly sometimes you will find locals around the entrance, who are keen to act as a guide. This is worth investing in – remember to barter – as it  allows you to explore deeper into the cave system. However, the main cavern is sufficiently interesting for a quick stop by yourself.

Phnom Kbal Romeas is also home to Climbodia, which offers rock climbing activities for all abilities. This was not operating at the time of visiting in 2021 due to Covid-19.

Let the adventure begin.