Popokvil Waterfall

Popokvil Waterfall

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Popokvil Waterfall, Phumi Pôpôk Vil, Cambodia, Kampot

Popokvil Waterfall is a large waterfall on Bokor Mountain that is also a must see on your visit.

Despite the newer addition of a large restaurant and gift shop, the waterfall itself is no less natural and spectacular.

Access to the waterfall depends on the season. In dry season, you can cross the river and descend a rocky trail to the second level. Sometimes the water dries to just a trickle. In wet season, this route is cut off, so you are limited to viewing the waterfall from the top level.

One of the best viewpoints in any season is found by turning right and following a trail around to view the face of the falls. The path is not clearly marked but you can find your own way as it’s not far. In wet, season it is extremely slippery so be careful, but it is certainly possible to access.

There is also a third level of the falls, but there is no navigable path to reach that far down.

Let the adventure begin.