Wat Sampov Pram

Wat Sampov Pram

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Wat Sampov Pram, Preaek Tnaot, Cambodia, Kampot

Enjoy a stunning view from this old Khmer temple that sits right on the edge of a cliff. Many skip this attraction but make sure not to miss this temple on your trip to Bokor Mountain.

The sprawling temple complex has various things to see and viewpoints. If you’re lucky with the weather you can see some distance from the cliff edge, but if you’re less lucky the mist and cloud may prevent that altogether.

The name Wat Sampov Pram means temple of the five boats, named after some nearby rock formations that must resemble boats. It was constructed by the King in the 1920s during French colonial rule and also pays testament to the  myth of Preah Thorng and Neang Neak.

According to the myth, the five boats were used by prince Preah Thorng and Neang Neak, the princess of the world of Naga, to carry servants from Naga to earth to create a city.


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