Cambodia Flights: How to Visit the Kingdom

Read our guide to Cambodia flights, both international and domestic.

Unless you are travelling overland to Cambodia from neighbouring Thailand, Laos or Vietnam, the chances are that you will arrive by air. Here is our guide to Cambodia Flights.

Cambodia Airports

Cambodia has three international airports : the capital Phnom Penh; Siem Reap, gateway to Angkor Wat; and Sihanoukville on the southern coast, ideal for exploring the islands.

Flights to Phnon Penh 

Phnom Penh has regular international flights to Singapore, Bangkok (Thailand), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, Seoul (South Korea), Taipei (Taiwan), Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shenzen in China, and Manila (the Philippines).

Major airlines that fly here include Air New Zealand, Aeroflot, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, Eva Air, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Qantas, Thai Airways, and Vietnam Airlines.

This means that wherever your embarkation point you can easily get a flght to Phnom Penh, albeit via Singapore, Bangkok, KL, Hong Kong etc. Prior to Covid there were ‘direct’ flights to Cambodia from the UK and Europe with Ethiad, Qatar and Emirates, albeit including a stop over in the Gulf. This presumably will resume.

It is simple to arrange your flight to Cambodia to include a stop over in Thailand or another neighbouring country, perhaps a few days in Bangkok or one of the islands in the south?

Air Asia
Air Asia is the largest low cost airlines in Asia.

There are also a series of Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) that fly to Phnom Penh including Air Asia, Jet Star and Viet Jet Air, as well as boutique airline Bangkok Airways. This way if you are including Cambodia as part of a Southeast Asian tour you can fly between destinations affordably, but please cosider the carbon footprint of your travel (see below).

You can see the current arrivals and departures at Phnom Penh International Airport here.

Flights to Siem Reap

The gateway to Angkor, Siem Reap airport has direct flights to other regional destinations such as Singapore, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur with Singapore Airlines and Air Asia.

This allows you to fly direct to Siem Reap without having to visit the capital Phnom Penh, although we really do recommend you visit the whole of the country.

As tourism picks up post Covid expect to see an increase in routes to and from Siem Reap. You can see the current arrivals and departures at Sem Reap International Airport here.

Flights to Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville airport is the most recent of the three airports. Before covid it used to receive a lot of flights from China, but this was put on hold due to the ban on international flights from the Asian country.

Currently, there is only a service from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam code shared between domestic airline Cambodia Angkor Air and Vietnam Airlines. However, once regional tourism picks up again expect more flights to and from the airport.

Cambodia Fights
Cambodia Angkor Air
Domestic Flights in Cambodia

Cambodia Angkor Air runs numerous flights daily between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh airports. You can check their flight times here.

Offsetting Your Cambodia Flights

Climate change is a reality that affects us all – the proof of it is in the changing climate in Cambodia. While we recognise that the only practical way to travel to Cambodia is by air, unless you combine a trip to the Kingdom of Wonder with a stay in one of the neighbouring countries, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand, you can still consider the climate impact of your travel.

One way is to travel slowly across the region by taking local transport wherever possible. You will find this a much more rewarding experience than being confined in an airport and plane for a few hours. For more information upon how to get around the country once you have arrived, read our Travel in Cambodia guide.

Alternatively you can offset your flights. We recommend that you offset all your Cambodia flights with Trees4Travel. The website has a simple calculator to work out how many trees need to be planted to offset your Cambodia flights and accommodation. Also, you will receive regular updates about where your trees are planted and how they are doing. We offset all our international travel with Trees4Travel, as well as offseting the rest of our carbon footprint with ClimeWorks.

Let the adventure begin.