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With one of the fastest growing economies in Southeast Asia, Cambodia is generally perceived to be a business friendly country. Its generous tax regime and online streamlined business registering system make this a great country for setting up a company.

Part of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), Cambodia also has a good banking system, excellent mobile phone and internet connectivity, and range of international schools for all ages. This is our guide to Cambodia Business.

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A quick overview of things you might need to know about business in Cambodia..

Types of Cambodia Business

Is it hard to start a business in Cambodia? The answer, thankfully is not. There are four business types available to international investors: a private limited company, foreigh branch office, subsidiary company or representative office. You should seek legal and professional advice before deciding which one to establish.

Cambodia Business Visa and Work Permit

Whether you are establishing your own business or working for a company, you will need a valid work permit and visa. The Cambodia Visa and Work Permit Group has excellent information on the current rules regarding thee. In addition you should consult your embassy to ascertain which rules appertain to you. The Ministry of Labour in Cambodia issues work permits that last for a year.

If you are only working for a short period in Cambodia it is possible to get a single entry Business Visa in advance of your travel to the country. This allows entry for a period of up to 30 days, and can be renewed once you have entered the the country. Please note that a normal travel visa can not be extended upon arrival, and is only valid for a single entry.

How to Register a Company in Cambodia?

If you are establishing you own company then you can do so at the Ministry of Economy and Finance Cambodia One Portal. This acts as a one-stp Cambodia business registration service, and should take eight working days. The fee depends upon the size of your business.

For more information on all of the above, go here.

Finding Office Space for Rent

Cambodia has a great range of office space available especially in the capital Phnom Penh. Whether you are looking for a fully-furnished office or a co-sharing space you will find something to meet your needs and budget in Cambodia. Alternatively you can always take advantage of the excellent free WiFi in one of those ubiquitous coffee shops.

Staff Recruitment in Cambodia

There are also great international quality recruitment companies that can help you with your company’s employment needs or to further your own career development.

Relocating to Cambodia

Once you have decided to relocate to Cambodia there are many companies that can help you with the logisitics of your move. For more information see our guide on Moving to Cambodia.

It is also relatively simple to open up a bank account in Cambodia. For more on this see our guide to Money and Banks in Cambodia.

Fortunately if you do make the plunge the great news is that there are many useful expat resources and social media groups that can help your Cambodia transition be as smooth as possible.

Global Nomads and Freelance Jobs in Cambodia

With all the above advantages as well as the excellent accommodation options and vibrant nightlife, especially in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, it is surprising that Cambodia has not taken off as a centre for global nomads, freelance workers and workcations. All the more reason for you to get here ahead of the crowds.

International Business Chambers & Associations in Cambodia

One of the most popular ways to connect with other businesses in Cambodia is through the various Cambodia Business Chambers and Associations. Some of these are:

Amcham which holds some of the most popular and well attended networking events. Amcham is not just for US and Cambodian citizens.

Eurocham,which was established with the objectives of promoting the interests of European businesses operating in Cambodia, facilitating the entry of European companies into the market and creating an extensive support network among corporate and individual members alike.

Britcham, founded in 1995 as the British Business Association of Cambodia. The British Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (BritCham) strives to be the leading forum for businesspeople with an interest in Cambodia and the UK. It also hosts regular events including the Question Time series of events initiated by yours truly.

Auscham began life as ABAC (the Australian Business Association of Cambodia) in the mid nineties. It began with the idea of developing closer ties amongst members of the growing Australian network in Cambodia, and not for the purpose of holding great sundowners and barbies, as is commonly believed.

Let the adventure begin.