Relocation: Moving To Cambodia

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It’s not uncommon to meet foreigners who reside in Cambodia who may have initially arrived with out the intention of staying in the Kingdom long term. 

But what about those of you out there that are moving to Cambodia from abroad and wish to bring not only your belongings but your entire life with you? Or what about those of us whose expat life in Cambodia has run its course and are now looking to relocate to pastures new?

Well either of these scenarios can be quite tricky especially due to the potentially high duty fees that could be slapped on your possessions when they arrive in country. But fear not Cambodia is home to many reputable relocation companies to consider when relocating to and from the Kingdom of Wonder.

Asian Tigers

Relocating more than 16,000 families each year and with offices in more than 14 countries Asian Tigers can certainly handle your requirements.  Please follow the link here to visit their website.

AGS Movers Cambodia

With a network of 140 locations covering 94 countries AGS is relative newcomer here in Cambodia, but with a proven global track record they are certainly worth contacting. Click the link here to visit their website.

Let the adventure begin.