Cambodia Guide

From Angkor Wat to Cambodia's pristine beaches and unspoilt nature, discover all there is to know about Cambodia travel. Words by Marissa Carruthers.

Cambodia is rightly seen as an emerging tourist destination. With the spectacular temple complex at Angkor as its main drawcard, the country is a must for the cultural traveller. But apart from majestic Angkor Wat, there is so much to enjoy in the southeast Asian country. Read our essential Cambodia guide to discover more.

Cambodia Travel & Lifestyle Guides

Useful information for making the most of your time in Cambodia.

Angkor Wat & Temples in Cambodia

Visiting Angkor Wat armed with a plan can pay off as an increasing number of visitors explore the world’s largest religious site. Here are our top tips on how to make the most…

Cambodia Beaches, Islands & Coast

Your Cambodia travel would be incomplete without a trip to the beach. Sadly, the coastal town of Sihanoukville has become a victim of Cambodia’s rapid development…

Cambodia Flights: How to Visit the Kingdom

Unless you are travelling overland to Cambodia from neighbouring Thailand, Laos or Vietnam, the chances are that you will arrive by air. Here is our guide to Cambodia Flights. Cambodia...

Cambodia Safety: Our Tips on How To Stay Safe

Is Cambodia Safe? Cambodia is a safe country to travel, as long as you keep your wits about you. Violent crime is rare, and reports of armed attacks and robberies...

Cambodia Visa: All You Need to Know

Getting a Cambodia visa is extremely simple for most people. There are four different categories for getting a visa: Visa Exempt This applies to the nine ASEAN countries. Citizens of...

Cambodia Weather: Best Time to Visit

Peak season for Cambodia travel runs from November to February, when temperatures are cooler and monsoon rains have faded. This means prices are at their highest…

Cambodian Food – Streetfood and Restaurants

Cambodians love to graze, which means snacks are readily at hand. Street food is common across the country, with vendors pushing carts selling everything from…

Cultural Heritage of Cambodia

Cambodia is steeped in history, with nods to its rich culture and customs on show in every corner. Buddhism is the national religion, with 97 percent of the population…

Exploring Provinces in Cambodia

As the country’s infrastructure drastically improves and investment into outlying areas starts to increase, lesser-known patches of the country are opening up to the outside world…

Festivals in Cambodia – Discover the Culture

We love a good celebration in Cambodia, and the Khmer calendar is littered with public holidays – they were recently reduced to 21. Khmer New Year is undoubtedly the most important…

Nature and Outdoor Activities in Cambodia

Cambodia is the perfect spot for nature enthusiasts and avid adventurers who like to hop off the beaten track. Away from the major urban hubs, the country is mostly sweeping countryside…

Travel in Cambodia – Road, Rail, Boat and Air

Travel in Cambodia is an adventure and generally an unforgettable experience. There is so much out there from the temples at Angkor in Siem Reap, the beaches and beautiful islands,...

Living In Cambodia Guides

Useful information for living in Cambodia.

Careers & Jobs in Cambodia : The Essentials

Work work work, you thought you’d left that all behind right? Well if you are reading this then you have realised you are wrong, very wrong. If you are planning to stay…

Education & Schools in Cambodia

If you are coming to the Kingdom of Wonder to work and have children of school age then finding the best schools in Cambodia will no doubt be of high importance. Moving countries is …

Finance: Money & Banks in Cambodia

Money and Banking are usually some of the top priorities for many people at home or abroad. With so many banks based in Phnom Penh which one would be the right one for you?…

Fitness & Health in Cambodia Guide

Health in Cambodia continues to improve drastically as new hospitals, clinics and health centres open their doors – predominantly in the capital. Fitness freaks…

Insurance in Cambodia : Medical and Travel

One of the most important and most overlooked factors of living in the Kingdom of Wonder is insurance in Cambodia. While I am sure the majority of you would not…

Mobile Phone, Internet in Cambodia

Internet in Cambodia is probably one of the fastest and most accessible across Southeast Asia. WiFi is available in the vast majority of coffee shops, restaurants, bars and hotels …

Real Estate in Cambodia : Buying and Renting

The property market is constantly evolving and growing at a rapid rate. From retail to commercial or from condominiums to land prices the ever growing property…

Relocation: Moving To Cambodia

It’s not uncommon to meet foreigners who reside in Cambodia who may have initially arrived with out the intention of staying in the Kingdom long term. But what about… 

Here are some highlights of our Cambodia Guides

Cambodia Guide to the Temples

Temple complexes are dotted around the country, often discovered by the occasional tourist. From Preah Vihear in the north to the other Ta Prohm (not the one of Tomb Raider fame), let us guide you through some of the best temples in Cambodia.

Phnom Penh and Siem Reap

The capital Phnom Penh with its wonderful riverfront, contains a secretive buzzing restaurant and bar scene – not to mention affordable boutique hotels. Siem Reap is so much more than a base camp to assault Angkor. There is much to entertain in the Kingdom of Wonder’s towns and cities, most of it hidden from the day-tripper.

Cambodia still retains some of the region’s last vestiges of untouched nature in parts of the Cardamom Mountains

Exploring Provinces in Cambodia

Kep and Kampot have recently found their way on the tourist trail, but what about the country’s second city Battambang with its bamboo trains and artistic heritage, or Kampong Cham and even Kratie with its endangered dolphins. There is so much more to unearth in the provinces in Cambodia on your travels.

Outside of the cities, Cambodia still retains some of the region’s last vestiges of untouched nature in parts of the Cardamom Mountains, with up-market eco-glamping allowing you to discover the undiscovered in luxury.

Cambodia Beaches and Islands

Off the southern coast near Sihanoukville are islands and beaches that would make di Caprio think the Beach not worth a second look. From Koh Rong to Song Saa, we can guide you through the best beaches and most deserted islands in Cambodia.

Culture and Food in Cambodia

A vibrant contemporary art scene, incredibly friendly people and surprising gastronomy add to make the former Khmer kingdom a quite glorious place to visit. Follow us on our Cambodia guide to the cultural heritage of Cambodia and Cambodian food for an experience that will live with you for ever.

Festivals in Cambodia

We all love a good festival, and Cambodia has some of the best from Khmer New Year to the Cambodia Water Festival and Pchum Ben. You can discover more about the culture and history of these festivals as well as what to expect and do when attending one, at our Festivals in Cambodia Guide.

Essential Cambodia Guide

We also have essential guides to help you if you decide to relocate to Cambodia. These include mini guides on jobs, health, banking and insurance in Cambodia, as well as the excellent telephone and internet services provided in the country.

We hope you enjoy our Cambodia Guide series.

Cambodia Flag

Cambodians are extremely proud of their Angkorian heritage. Evidence of the Angkor Empire’s importance can be seen on the national flag, which features the iconic 12th century temple, Angkor Wat. Did you know that Cambodia and Afghanistan are the only countries whose flag features a structure? The Afghanistan flag has a national emblem at its centre rather than a specific building.

Cambodia Travel Photos
Some of the sights to enjoy during your Cambodia travel

The Cambodia travel photos in this gallery are courtesy of Nathan Horton who runs the most wonderful photography tours through the country. For more details visit: Nathan Horton Photography Tours.

Other photographs on this page have also been contributed by Joe Ogden.

Cambodian Language

Khmer is the main language although English is widely spoken, especially in cities and among the younger generation.

Cambodia Currency

Cambodia’s currency is the riel with around 4,000 riel to US$1, although the dollar is accepted everywhere, so there is no need to change currency before your Cambodia travel.

Cambodia Timezone

Cambodia has one time zone which is GMT+7.

Cambodia Country Code

Cambodia’s dialling code is +855.

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