Insurance in Cambodia : Medical and Travel

Read Cambodia Begins at 40's guide to insurance in Cambodia.

One of the most important and most overlooked factors of living in the Kingdom of Wonder is insurance in Cambodia.

While I am sure the majority of you would not dream of leaving your home countries without adequate travel insurance this will only cover you while you are initially hospitalised but will not cover any rehabilitation process. There might be a clause stating that you will be sent back to your home country to continue your recovery from any serious accident.

So if you are planning on settling in Cambodia for a fairly long period then we advise that you purchase the proper insurance in Cambodia for heath, home or your vehicle.

Health in Cambodia

Do You Need Health Insurance in Cambodia?

The short answer is no, but the long and painful answer is yes. In reality there is no free health care for expats in Cambodia, although you might be able to get treated at Calmette Hospital, so whatever treatment you need, you will have to pay for, unless you carry health insurance.

Heath care in Cambodia has improved in recent years with the advent of international quality hospitals, such as Royal Phnom Penh Hospital, but these are not cheap and the good hospitals are only found in Phnom Penh. Also, there is a strong possibility that any urgent medical needs will require either treatment in Bangkok or Singapore, or repatriation home. None of this is cheap. You might well found your routine hospital treatment setting you back thousands of dollars. If you are venturing off the beaten track your only option might be a provincial referral hospital – many of which are significantly lower standard than the capital and have little to no facilities.

Travel Insurance

This is why we strongly advise that you ensure that your travel insurance covers not only loss of property but also extensive health coverage. If you are staying longer in Cambodia then you will need expat medical insurance to cover you since travel insurance policies are usually only for shorter periods.

Medical Insurance for Expats and Local Residents

Expats and residents of Cambodia are recommended to get medical insurance coverage. Uptake of medical insurance is growing among the local market too as many Cambodians expect better service than the free healthcare can provide. For expats you can buy a policy through many international providers such as William Russel, and both expats and locals can purchase a policy through local companies such as Forte’s affordable SafetyNet insurance product.


What Are the Top 5 Insurance Companies in Cambodia?

  1. Forte Insurance
  2. Infinity Insurance
  3. Asia Insurance
  4. Cambodia-Vietnam Insurance
  5. People & Partners Insurance

Insurance market in Cambodia

The insurance market in Cambodia has been growing rapidly year on year so you should be able to find a reliable company for both expat health insurance and for any business insurance needs.

Most providers offer a wide range of personal insurance products, not only health insurance with competitive plans and pricing but also motor, car, travel and home and contents insurance. For businesses the choice is even greater.

Insurance Brokers in Cambodia

It is often beneficial to contact an insurance broker in Cambodia. Insurance brokers have connections to all of the big insurance firms and can help you find the best deal. It doesn’t cost you any extra to use an insurance broker since they take their fee directly from the insurance company. We would certainly recommend contacting them for some advice. Popular insurance brokers in Cambodia include AG Cambodia and the internationally connected Lockton IBS.

Let the adventure begin.