Topic: Community-based Tourism

Cambodia Begins at 40 endorses the concept of community-based tourism, which is strong in Cambodia.

Community-based Tourism

Community-based tourism ensures the benefits of tourism are shared with the community which hosts the tourism activity. Underlying the concept is the belief we should all benefit from the tourist experience, travellers and hosts.

Cambodia CBET Experiences

There are many Cambodia community-based tourism experiences. The country has a CBET (Cambodia Communty-Based Eco-Tourism) Network that links a number of homestays that you can stay at for as little as a few dollars per night. The great news is that your stay will genuinely support the local community rather than go towards a large corporate hotel chain. You will find some of these homestays on our Cambodia Map.

Luxury Eco Resorts

It is not just homestays and CBET that have a community focus. Some of the eco and luxury resorts in Cambodia have strong links with the local community, not just in providing work for locals, but in supporting initiatives to protect the local wildlife and nature. Resorts at the forefront of this include: Cardamom Tented Camp, Shinta Mani Wild and Song Saa.

Wild Cambodia

To discover more about what to expect when visiting CBETs and homestays, as well as the luxury resorts, read Going Wild in the Cardamoms.

Community-Based Tours

If you wish to arrange a community-based travel tour then we suggest you contact a company such as Hanuman Travel which has forged strong links with local communities and is Cambodian-owned. This way you can ne assured your money will do genuine good.

Let the adventure begin.