Topic: Culture

Culture is a major part of both travel and appreciation of a country. Whether you are born and bred Cambodian, a long-term expat or someone visiting a country we understand that you will probably wish to know more about Cambodia’s cultural attractions; it is an enriching experience.

Culture Trip

More than just a brand name, to us culture trip is a way of life. To appreciate a country properly you really have to understand its culture, which is why we have devoted many an article to Cambodia culture.

Culture Capital of Cambodia

In the past it might have been claimed that Battambang was the heart of culture in Cambodia. While this might have been true with organisations such as PHARE starting here, it really is no longer the case. While Siem Reap has a strong cultural and art scene including a great international photography exhibition, Phnom Penh is really the cultural capital of Cambodia. This can be seen in the wealth of art galleries in Phnom Penh.


Clearly festivals represent a vast part of a country’s DNA, and a very accessible way for people to see how people click. This is why we have a page devoted to the Festivals of Cambodia.

Cultural Shock

We also understand that visiting or moving to an unfamiliar country can lead to a bit of a cultural shock. This is why we have pages devoted to all elements of life in Cambodia from the education system, to healthcare and property market. We hope that they will help any potential culture shock you may experience. We also strongly believe that Cambodia is a wonderful country and that you should not put off your special journey due to any unwarranted concerns. Often we discover that it is when we leave our comfort zone that we find the greatest rewards.

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