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At Cambodia Begins at 40 we believe that everyone has the right to their own opinion and beliefs on a subject but that inevitably some people’s opinions have more weight than others. So while we have space for our readers to leave their comments on our articles, we leave the Opinion section to those people with an extensive knowledge of the country so that our readers can learn from their experiences. On our pages you will also discover our profiles of people working and living in Cambodia – whether locals or expats. Our team of experienced writers will provide you with insight as to their experience of the country so that you can benefit from this knowledge. So whether you are interested in the food, tourism or lifestyle of the country you will benefit from the shared knowlege of the Cambodia Begins at 40 community. As time grows our opinion and profile pages will grow to include all the aspects of life in the country from education to property and relocation, as well as how to find a job in Cambodia. We believe that these pages will become the go to for people seeking a knowledge of living in Cambodia. Enjoy!

Let the adventure begin.