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Kratie province is located in north eastern Cambodia on the Mekong River.

Just like Siem Reap, the province of Kratie has one major draw card. Unlike Siem Reap it is living and breathing, but for how much longer. Kratie is home to the highly endangered Mekong Freshwater Dolphins, which you can most easily see at the Kampi Rapids, a few kilometres north of the town of Kratie itself.

  There is much to discover in Kratie and the surrounding countryside to justify more than an overnight dolphin-wathing stay. The town has the interesting Phnom Sambok Pagoda, while to the north lies the colourful 100 Column Pagoda.

Those looking to get off the beaten can hire a bicycle and explore the island of Koh Trong in the Mekong river, to discover a rural way of Cambodian life a far cry from the hustle of major cities.

This is our guide of things to do in Kratie province.

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Where to Go after Enjoying Kratie Province?

From Kratie you can continue following the Mekong north to Stung Treng to explore the Koh Hang Flooded Forest and Sopheakmit Waterfall - one of the best waterfalls in Cambodia and the largest in Sotheast Asia on the Laos border.

If you wish you can even continue your journey into Laos and discover the 4,000 islands.

Alternatively, turn east towards Sen Monorom and the highland forests of Mondulkiri, where you can enjoy the cooler temperatures, rolling hills and wildlife sancturaries, including the excellent Mondulkiri Project Elephant Sanctuary.

Turning south, you can follow the Mekong River to Kampong Cham and it’s curious bamboo bridge. Eventually, you will find youself in the capital Phnom Penh.

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