Mekong Freshwater Dolphins

Mekong Freshwater Dolphins

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Mekong Dolphin Pleasance, Kampi, Cambodia, Kratie

If you fancy catching a glimpse of endangered Irrawaddy dolphins swimming in the Mekong River, then the “Mekong Dolphin Pleasance” in the Kampi district of Kratie is the place. Here you will find plenty of boats waiting to take you onto the river for an hour or so to see the endangered Mekong freshwater dolphins that live in the area.

Late afternoon is a good time as you can also enjoy the sunset over the river. There is also the option to visit the dolphins via kayak – an activity best kept for morning or late afternoon.

The dolphins are easy to spot but difficult to photograph as they mostly just break the surface of the water.

This is a must when you visit Kratie.

Let the adventure begin.