Every country has its own website domain name extension and Cambodia is no different. For Cambodia the top-level (country TLD) is the .kh domain name extension and you will see this used on many company and government websites in the country. 

Since mid 2022 it has been reported in the news that all Cambodian companies are required to use the .kh domain name for their websites and email addresses with a stated deadline of January 2023, although this deadline does not appear to have been strictly enforced. Now a lot of companies are interested in registering their .com.kh domain names, however this process is more complicated than in many other nations. The Telecoms Regulator of Cambodia must be contacted for all .kh domain name purchases and management; there is no automatic system in place for these tasks.

What is required to register domain names ending in .kh?

  • Before considering registering a .kh domain name, businesses must first go through the process of registering with the Ministry of Commerce to obtain their firm certificate of incorporation, patent and trademark.
  • The applicant must submit a copy of their Cambodian National ID card or for foreigners, their passport.
  • Your registered name or brand must also be the same in the .kh domain. You can’t choose any name you want, but this does guarantee that your brand name will be available and domain squatting will be prevented.

What advantages do .kh domain names offer?

  • Visitors will be able to tell right away that your company or organisation is headquartered in Cambodia thanks to local recognition.
  • Since registrations aren’t available to companies that aren’t registered, your registered name is essentially reserved and cannot be taken by anybody else.
  • Status sign: It signifies that you are a fully registered business in the nation.
  • According to reports, local nation domains perform better in local search engine results than generic.com domains.

What drawbacks do .kh domain names have?

  • Protracted manual registration process.
  • More expensive than a.com or other generic TLD.
  • For.kh domain names, updating domain contacts and nameservers must be done manually; there are no online administration panels available.

How much does it cost to register a .kh?

As of 2023 the costs are reported to be around $100 for the initial registration and $30 for subsequent annual renewals. In comparison a .com domain typically costs around $13 for registration and renewal.

How can I register domain names ending in .kh?

Get your business registration documents organised first; you’ll need them later.

Visit the website of the Telecoms Regulator of Cambodia and complete the online or printed application forms. You should go to https://www.trc.gov.kh/en/online-services/dns-registration/ on their website.

When the form asks for the nameservers/IP addresses you will need to enter the nameservers from your web hosting or DNS provider. Try HostAsean.com if you are looking for website hosting in Southeast Asia.

Then submit the documents to the TRC. When the processing is finished the TRC will inform you that your domain name is now registered and ready for use.

How do use your domain name with your website hosting

You can utilise web hosting services as usual with your new .kh domain name once it has been pointed to your web hosting nameservers. Note that if you need to change your nameservers at any point then you will again have to submit documents manually to the TRC.

We expect the requirements and process to change in the coming years as there is discussion of establishing a KHNIC as exists in other countries which would provide an online system for domain name registrations and renewals. Until then you will have to manually submit your documents.

If you require any additional information please visit the Telecoms Regulator of Cambodia website at https://trc.gov.kh/ or get in touch with them directly for the most recent application forms, costs, and other criteria.