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Meta House Phnom Penh (interior)
Meta House Phnom Penh (interior)
IMG_2520Meta House Phnom Penh (interior)Meta House Phnom Penh (interior)
Meta House Phnom Penh, #48, Street 228, 12207 Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia, Phnom Penh

Since January 2007, Meta House, formally known as the Cambodian-German Cultural Center, Meta House Goethe-Center, has been a dependable fixture in Phnom Penh‘s art scene, promoting local talent as well as providing access to contemporary international artistic trends to a Cambodian audience.

It began as a platform for creativity for the developing arts and media sector in Cambodia and has since developed into a prestigious cultural hub. It just moved into its newest location on Street 228 and now frequently organises performances, live music, film screenings and art exhibitions.

The highly recommended Berlin Bar and Genova Italian Restaurant are both located at the centre meaning that you can turn a visit here into a true gastronomic delight.

Meta House Phnom Penh (interior)
Meta House Phnom Penh (interior)

For a list of events, such as the exhibition of work by Svay Ken entitled My Art My Life, click here.

This is only one of the many excellent art galleries in Phnom Penh.

All images provided by Meta House.

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