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Oudong Temple

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Oudong Temple, Cambodia, Kandal

Oudong temple lies about 40km north of Phnom Penh and is an ancient capital of Cambodia. It holds a special place in the heart of many Cambodians as it stood as the royal residence and capital for about 250 years until 1866, when it shifted to its current location in Phnom Penh.

The area around the bottom of Oudong mountain has numerous Khmer food vendors and the ubiquitous wooden huts and hammocks to eat, drink and relax. At the base, you will also find kids aplenty keen to serve as your guide up the hill. Climbing the steps up the mountain – they’re pretty hefty -will bring you to the temple complex on top. This features a collection of new and old religious structures .

Oudong temple is about an hour from Phnom Penh, making it a great day trip from the capital, or a stop on the road towards Kampong Chhnang, Pursat and Battambang.


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