Tada Roung Chan Waterfall

Tada Roung Chan Waterfall

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Tada Waterfall in Kampot
Tada Waterfall in Kampot
Tada Roung Chan Waterfall, ផ្លូវចូល​ទឹកធ្លាក់ថ្មតាដា, Cambodia, Kampot

The Tada Roung Chan Waterfall resort is a typical Cambodian site comprising an area with wooden huts and hammocks flanking a semi-natural pool created by blocking the water flow. This is where you will find many Cambodian families hanging out and enjoying food and drinks and frolicking in the water.

Walking back down towards the car park there is a trail up the hill to the main Tada Roung Chan Waterfall. This requires a steep hike, but the top is worth the effort – and there plenty of birds to spot en-route. Upon reaching the top you will need to take your shoes off and immediately step into a pool at the base of the waterfall. The rocks are incredibly slippery so watch your footing. You will surely see some people tumble while attempting selfies.

A small down point is that there are also misguided attempts to create a small zoo at the resort, unfortunately the captives don’t look very well looked after.

Let the adventure begin.