Tatai Waterfall

Tatai Waterfall

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Tatai Waterfall Cambodia
Tatai Waterfall Cambodia
Tatai Waterfall CambodiaTatai Waterfall Cambodia
Tatai Waterfall, Khum Pak Khlang, Cambodia, Koh Kong

One of the main attractions in Tatai, the Tatai waterfall is suitably impressive.

The boat will bring you to the lower part of the falls where you can climb a rocky path to the top and relax in a wooden hut or in the water. The pools are wide and shallow, depending on the time of year. Pictured in December at the start of the dry season, the water quantity was already starting to reduce.

The falls, which were built as a tourism site, are split into two stages, with the first 5 to 6 metres high and the second ranging from 12 to 15 metres. The water is crystal clear due to its source originating in the Cardamom mountains and the scenery is spectacular, and rich in biodiversity.

You can reach here by boat from resorts on the Tatai River.

Did you know there is also a “Little Tatai Waterfall” to explore downstream?

Let the adventure begin.