Tuek Chhou Rapids

Tuek Chhou Rapids

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Teuk Chhou Rapids, Krong Kampot, Cambodia, Kampot

The Tuek Chhou Rapids are an area of shallow rapids on the Tuek Chhou River upstream from Kampot.

The area has the ubiquitous wooden huts and hammocks strung along the waterfront ,with vendors offering all kinds of Khmer dishes to share family style. This makes it a great place to stop for lunch.

You can enter the river and take a refreshing dip, depending on the water level and time of year. However, the current can be quite strong and most of the water is relatively shallow, so it is not much of a swim and more of a wade in and cool off in the water.

This spot is popular with locals and can become crowded during public holidays and festivals.

Let the adventure begin.