Markets form a major part of daily life in Cambodia and there are plenty in the capital to choose from. Here’s our guide to exploring Phnom Penh markets.

Markets play an integral role in Cambodia and are bustling from the crack of dawn, when locals head there to buy the freshest fruits, vegetables, meat and fish for the day.

While there are small markets serving each community in the capital, there are a handful of larger options that are tourist-friendly. Exploring Phnom Penh markets is a must for all visitors to the capital.

Phnom Penh Markets

Phsar Thmei (Central Market)

This is a tourist-friendly market experience that is also a lively trading hub for locals. While Phsar Thmei translates as New Market, in English this spot is affectionately referred to as Central Market. The iconic yellow Art Deco building dates back to 1937 and houses stacks of stalls that sell everything from household goods and electronics, through to clothes, souvenirs and food. This is a large market and is relatively organised in comparison to the smaller community markets.

Phsar Toul Tom Poung (Russian Market)

This is another popular market with visitors. A few years ago, the market had a facelift but still feels more chaotic than Phsar Thmei (Russian Market). During the day, the inside of the market is where the action is with stallholders flogging their wares. At dusk, the streets surrounding the market spring to life as food stalls fire up for the evening.

Orussey Market

For a more local market experience, head to Orussey Market. This bustling hub is spread across several floors and literally sells everything and anything. As it’s geared towards locals, you won’t find the abundance of souvenirs Russian and Central markets sell. However, it is a great way to soak up local life. The streets surrounding the market make for an exciting adventure, with stacks of stalls selling Chinese traditional medicine, textiles and other goods.

phnom penh markets

Phsar Chas (Old Market) & Phsar Kandal

For a true local market experience, then these two spots in the capital are a must. Expect an assault on the senses as you pass by stalls with hunks of meat swaying, fish flapping and blood and guts galore on the floor. To immerse yourself in authentic market chaos, then head there at the crack of dawn and watch the crowds haggling for the freshest catches of the day.