Cambodian painter Theanly Chov is gearing up to showcase her latest exhibition, The Rise, which features artworks that explore individualism and societal progress.

Chov’s striking collection of paintings feature a series of individuals poignantly staring at the sky. For this exhibit he draws inspiration from various sources, including Soviet propaganda imagery, 19th century Russian painting and Khmer artist, Neak Dhim.

Each of the paintings are characterised by their meticulous attention to detail and use of oil on canvas to create colourful, powerful portraits.

Theanly Chov

Themes of Theanly Chov

Chov’s art explores the complex themes of individualism and societal progress in post-war Cambodia. His subjects are often depicted in a characteristic pose, reaching for the sky as a symbol of the Cambodian people’s desire to move forward after years of tragedy and conflict.

Through his paintings, Chov captures the struggles and difficulties of realising oneself as an individual in a society driven by the pursuit of opportunity and upward mobility.

About the artist

Despite the weighty themes in this exhibition, Theanly Chov’s artwork is also imbued with a sense of optimism and harmony. His use of colour and composition creates a visually stunning experience for viewers, drawing them into his world and inviting them to contemplate the complexities of the human condition.

Theanly Chov

Where can I see it?

Sra’Art Studio in Phnom Penh will be hosting the exhibition from August 3 and will run for six weeks. An opening event takes place on August 3, from 7pm.

The event also coincides with the launch of Sra’Art Wine Bar, which is open every Friday and Saturday night from 6pm.

Sra’Art is at 7/9E0 Sothearos Boulevard, Phnom Penh; three doors down from Wat Ounaloum.

Further Information

If you would like to get further information about the exhibition, please visit All photographs supplied by Sra’Art.