Topic: Health and Wellness

With a growing awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy mind and body in recent years it will come as little surprise to discover an increase in health and wellness in Cambodia.

Health, Wellness, Mindfulness and Yoga

Those visiting the country will discover a plethora of activities to keep you healthy in Cambodia. This is hardly surprising considering Cambodia is a Buddhist country, so you will find pagodas where you can meditate or practice yoga. Quintessentially Cambodia is a mindfull country,

Healthy Food

The great thing is that this healthy attitude towards life is extended towards the food. Not only is most of the fruit and vegetable produced in country healthy and toxin free, but there are several health food establishments sprouting up across the capital Phnom Penh. Some examples are listed in our Fitness & Health Guide to Cambodia.

Health in Cambodia

However you will probably be struck by the hight level of pollution and litter everywhere – although the capital is cleaning its act, slowly. You should also take it easy as you travel around the country – the heat and humidity especially towards the end of the high season can be a killer. Make sure you drink plenty of water – and if feeling run down then a sugar-y drink can do wonders.

Staying Healthy in Cambodia

Those looking to move to Cambodia – or who already live here – can benefit from the great fitness centres in the country as well as generally high level of medical care. Dentistry, opticians and pharmacies are of a high standard, although the hospitals though improving are not at the level of neighbouring countries or the west. Again see our our Fitness & Health Guide to Cambodia.

Health Insurance

Both visitors and expats should check carefully their health insurance. We advise that you make sure that you do have repatriation included in your policy. For more advice on medical insurance check our Insurance in Cambodia Guide.

Let the adventure begin.