Things to Do in Mondulkiri

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Mondulkiri province is in the north east of Cambodia.

For many years travelling to Mondulkiri was only for the adventurous. The roads, even in the dry season, were pretty much impassable. However, in recent years, they have improved considerably, and the province is easiy reachable either from the capital Phnom Penh or from neighbouring Ratanakiri province.

Sen Monorom, the provincial capital is one of the most laid back and pleasant towns in rural Cambodia. From here it is easy to reach the beautiful Bousra Waterfall.

Mondulkiri is home to the Bunung, one of the ethnic groups in Cambodia. You can easily hire a member of the community to be your local tour guide. The province is also home to the Elephant Valley Project, one of the best and most respected wildlife sanctuaries in Southeast Asia.

This is our guide of things to do in Mondulkiri province.

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Where to Go after Enjoying Mondulkiri Province?

From Mondulkiri you can head north to Banlung in Ratanakiri, Cambodia’s most northeasterly province bordering Laos and Vietnam. Take a swim in Yeak Loam volcanic crater lake or venture into the mountains of Virachey National Park.

If you head west towards the Mekong River, you will reach the town of Kratie. You will discover the Mekong Freshwater Dolphins, colourful pagodas and more in this peaceful part of the country.

To plan your trip through northeast Cambodia, use our Cambodia Map.

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