Things to Do in Pursat

Discover the amazing things to do in Pursat province

The largely unexplored province of Pursat is home to the Cardamom mountains and adjacent to the Tonle Sap lake.

With most of Cambodia’s highest mountain peaks and lush rainforest, Pursat is a nature lovers haven.

Explore waterfalls such as the local favourite Chrok La Eang, in our opinion one of the best waterfalls in Cambodia. Or drive up the winding mountain road over Phnom 1500 to Thma Da Waterfall then down the other side to take a dip in the Meteuk Thmda River near to the Thai border.

Pursat also occupies most of the western side of the Tonle Sap lake. Here you’ll find Kampong Luong, one of the largest floating villages and a much more authentic experience than the lines of tourist boats in Siem Reap.

The town itself is not a big attraction, but the boat-shaped island Sampov Meas is a unique sight and makes for a pleasant evening walk by Pursat river.

This is our guide of things to do in Pursat province.

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Some of the sights you can enjoy when you explore Pursat province

Where to Go after Enjoying Pursat Province?

Pursat province has many more attractions than most know about, but once you’ve explored the province it is time to move on.

Follow National Road 5 north to Battambang, one of Cambodia’s prettiest and well preserved cities. Battambang province has a host of attractions including Phnom Sampeau and Banan Temple.

Heading south from Pursat will take you along the Tonle Sap river to Kampong Chhnang, home of pottery and more floating villages. Kampong Chhnang is another place that often passed by, but you will be glad you made a stop.

The adventurous could take the winding mountain road southwest through the Cardamons to Koh Kong, a popular trip for bikers.

Use our Cambodia Map to plan your trip.

Let the adventure begin.