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Ratanakiri province is Cambodia’s most northeastern province.

One of the most remote provinces in Cambodia, Ratanakiri is the place that you head for waterfalls and lakes. Unfortunately extensive logging has stripped the province of many of its trees, but there is still plenty of nature to reward the adventurous traveller.

The stand out has to be Yeak Laom lake, an 800-metre diametre volcanic lake that reaches 48 metres in depth and is perfect for swimming. However, Lomkod Lake is a great alternative.

As for waterfalls, Kachanh Waterfall is just a 6km-drive from provincial capital Banlung, and close to the Katieng waterfall.

Whetted your appetitie? This is our guide of things to do in Ratanakiri province.

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Where to Go after Enjoying Ratanakiri Province?

From Ratanakiri you can head south to Mondulkiri province, or follow the Srepok river west to Stung Treng.

Mondulkiri is a favourite for its thick forests and rolling hills, as well as wonderful Elephant Valley Project.

The road to Stung Treng will bring you to the mighty Mekong River. Depending on the time of year you can see flooded forests and sandbank islands, or a swollen torrent of water making its way south.

Use our Cambodia Map to plot your way around the northeast of the country.

Let the adventure begin.