The sleepy riverine town of Kampot is a favourite with Phnom Penh locals and expats seeking to escape the buzz of capital life. Here’s our guide of what to do in Kampot. 

Kampot is a favourite weekend break for city dwellers, thanks to its sprawling countryside, river landscape and spectacular Bokor Mountain. Throw into the mix the abundance of places to stay along the river and a fantastic dining scene in the town centre, and it’s easy to see why.

What to Do in Kampot – Visit Bokor Mountain

Things to do in Kampot
Bokor Mountain

One of the best – and most popular – things to do in Kampot is to take a trip up Bokor Mountain. This former hill station provides an invaluable insight into the history of the country, as well as a welcome relief from the heat of town during the dry season. For more about Bokor Mountain, read here.

Kampot Boat Trip

See the local fishing boats on a Kampot Boat Trip
See the local fishing boats on a Kampot Boat Trip

When looking at what to do in Kampot, exploring its winding rivers is a must. The further up river you go, the cleaner the water gets, and the picturesque views become postcard quality. It may be one of the most relaxing places in the world. The river is a great place for cruising by boat, paddle boarding, sailing and swimming, but beware of the currents during the wet season. Guesthouses and bungalows hug the shoreline, and some establishments boast excellent chefs.

Kampot Pepper
Kampot Pepper drying in the sun
Kampot Pepper drying in the sun

Kampot is famous for its pepper, which has gained geographical indicator status and is used in kitchens across the globe. This means visiting one of Kampot’s pepper plantations is a must during a visit. Many of the plantations offer tours, and trips to the national park, home to jungle, waterfalls and rapids. Alternatively, try some Kampot pepper in one of the many excellent restaurants in town, or buy some at BoTree Kampot Pepper Shop.

There are lots more attractions in this popular province, discover more things to do in Kampot on our Cambodia map.