Green Growth 2050, a GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) standard has completed its fourth annual audit at Knai Bang Chatt resort in Kep, Cambodia.

With an audit covering 400 indicators and with an overall compliance level in excess of 90%, Knai Bang Chatt was once again accredited with the Platinum International Certified Sustainable certificate by one of the most comprehensive travel and tourism standards available.

The Green Growth 2050 standard includes indicators related to a range of international conventions including the UN Global Compact, the UNEP Green Economy Principles, UN Declaration of Human Rights, The Code against the Sexual Exploitation of Children, and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council Industry Criteria.

Wayne McKinnon, CEO Green Growth 2050 said, “Knai Bang Chatt understands and embraces the concepts of sustainability better than any hotel we have encountered. It is embedded in everything they do, but most importantly, enhances their guest experience. This commitment is reflected in their recent Platinum certification to the Green Growth 2050 global standard; one of only six hotels worldwide to reach this level of achievement.

“Given the challenges facing the tourism industry due to COVID-19, it is an absolute credit to the team at Knai Bang Chatt that they were able to maintain their broad range of environmental and community initiatives and continue to provide global leadership in sustainable tourism.”

The long table at Knai Bang Chatt
The long table at Knai Bang Chatt

Jef Moons, founder and CEO of Knai Bang Chatt, says, “Having regained the highest status of Platinum is a pure team effort and achievement. Offering trust is more important than ever. With our certification we show our readiness to soon also receive a new generation of more conscious travellers who like to know what impact their travel will make on people and the Planet.”

Moons adds that Knai Bang Chatt has shifted from a linear to a circular operation. Prevention, reuse, recycling, up cycling and composting are part of its daily operation. Knai Bang Chatt has a zero tolerance for single-use plastics — 65% of all its waste are composted and only 11% is discharged.

“Today the resort works with preferred suppliers helping them in eliminating non-recyclable packaging and boasts its own bio diverse organic gardens that currently provides over 25% of their fresh fruit/vegetable produce as well as large supply of fresh herbs and lettuces,” he says.

Executive Chef Jay Scaife adds, “Our Food & Beverage team works with great confidence knowing that almost every product that is used in the operation has a circular lifespan. Not only do we positively impact our surrounding area, we impact the lives of our guests and staff.”

Estelle Bergandi, resort GM says, “Part of the ethos of Knai Bang Chatt is to offering is travellers a truly inspiring ‘Guilt Free’ travel experience, and to let them enjoy the finest things in life while we also take care of environment and community. I truly believe that as word spreads and momentum builds, it is through education and care for people and planet that real change can be made.”

As part of its regenerative programme, a collaboration with the UNDP and local authorities has been established to create a handbook to promote circular economy and best practices. This book will soon be available to the public. This year Knai Bang Chatt also intends to further share its knowledge through onsite workshops and retreats with the aim that others will follow its path to a more sustainable operation.